Lavor Design Co. is a one-man studio in Curitiba, south of Brazil; build on a love for the help people put their business ahead through design.

Every project is unique to that customer's built for, from start to finish; the process help to create meaning by starting every project with questions and making every piece with care and attention to details.

Raphael de Lavor is a Brazilian designer currently living in Curitiba. Graduated from Industrial Design in 2014, however Graphic Design has grown as the main element of the projects focusing on digital and print work. Actually starting calligraphy and lettering journey.

You can check out his work here or drop a line on button below.

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A little trivia

· I learned English by myself;
· Almost all music genders are cool — Folk music is on top;
· French fries are the best;
· I trust on process;
· I like science & technology, also keeping my eye on blockchain technology and Bitcoin;
· But my focus now is on analog world.


Another career path sometimes meaning new challenges. I'm starting to write a monthly on Medium with topics like career journey to thrive your business.


I'm starting to implement a idea. Stay tuned on this newsletter ← and keep your eye on it!


I make a lot of thing that can be outside of my main job role. And either that things aren't shared on my plataforms, that's it I have a Tumblr where have all things, goods and not so.